Memorial. Pork. Marriage.

I’ve tried at least a half dozen times to start a blog entry in my head and can’t get past the whole “I don’t feel like writing and can’t think of anything to write about” internal conversation. I really don’t feel like writing. I’m physically tired and emotionally exhausted; a culmination of an extremely short stay in Ely, the passing of a close family friend, and scrambling to get chores done around the house…chores that should’ve been done months ago, hence the term Spring Cleaning. We were struck by the kind of motivation that only a friend visiting from out of town can inspire.

Since Mark already blogged about our unexpected trip to Nevada, and I’m not feeling particularly inspired today, I’ll let the bullets do the talking.

  • I still can’t get used to the idea that Hammer is gone.  One of my dad’s best friends, I met him just a few weeks after meeting my own dad for the first time.  Visiting Ely was very emotional.  Not only had we lost a great guy, I was reminded of how much I miss my friends and family.  I cried a lot, but also laughed just as much.  Especially when sharing our favorite stories about him.  We should all be so lucky to leave this world so beloved.


  • My renters are complete dirtbag assholes and now I get to waste lots of time, money, and frustration on the eviction process and getting my house back to the same condition it was before they moved in (and suing them for the expenses).  I’ve been contemplating kicking them out anyways since they’ve never paid their rent on time.  Ever.  The house is up for sale, but it’s hard to get people interested in a place that is filthy, has a yard that is bare dirt and weeds, broken lattice around the front deck, blinds with missing/broken slats, and carpet that is frayed and buckled.  Seriously…they’ve been there less than a year.  Assholes!


  • Mark and I took off early from work on Friday so that we could pick up our marriage license in Portland.  The Multnomah County Court offices are just a few blocks from one of our favorite neighborhoods, so we stopped by a bar that caught our eye the last time we were on Hawthorne.  The Roadside Attraction is just that…an Attraction.  We fell in love with the eclectic décor and rustic southern/Polynesian/Sanford & Son atmosphere.  I know I’m not doing it justice trying to describe it here, but Mark and I agree that when it comes time decorate our own patio, we want it just like that place.  A blogger friend joined us and we ended up at Lardo for dinner. A Cubano to die for and dirty fries with ‘pork scraps’.  I’m still drooling.


  • Are we really getting married in less than three weeks?!  Still can’t wrap my head around that one.


  • Aside from grocery shopping today, I’ve done diddly squat.  As soon as we got home and put everything away, I parked it on the recliner and haven’t moved since.  All Sundays should be this lazy.

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  1. I was so sorry to read on Mark’s blog about your friend’s death. No wonder you feel wiped out. And it’s hard to believe you all will be getting married in only 3 weeks. Gosh, Sara and I have now been married for 4 months.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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